Safety Improvements for Forklift Trucks

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ForkAngles is a great aid to safer working

“Every year, hundreds of people are seriously injured working on and around forklift trucks. Statistically, a person is killed every six weeks.” FLTA

Unfortunately, operating forklift trucks remains a risky business, not only for the driver, but also for people working nearby.

ForkAngles can reduce the risk to employees in the following ways:

  1. By reducing instances of damage to pallets, the quantity of scrap pallets is reduced.  Broken pallets are a health and safety risk, with many minor injuries caused handling them.  They are also a significant fire hazard.
  2. By ensuring the forks are level before entering and leaving racking systems, instances of racking damage are minimised.  Damage to racking systems can be a major health and safety risk.  Incorrect fork alignment can dislodge pallets from racking and cause structural damage to cross members.  
  3. By reducing damage to goods on pallets, which can result in spillage of hazardous materials.
  4. By eliminating the need for the driver to concentrate on micro-adjusting the tilt and lift controls to get the correct fork alignment, the driver can concentrate more on his surroundings thereby improving the safety for himself and work colleagues.
  5. By presenting the operator with the information they need to align the forks, the temptation to lean out of the cab for a better view is reduced.

How can ForkAngles help?

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Forklift Operator Training

ForkAngles, whilst not designed specifically for novice drivers, has been recognised by forklift training providers as an excellent tool to ensure safer and accurate handling.

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