ForkAngles is an innovative Mast Tilt Indication Device that is mounted in the eye-line of the operator.  It gives a clear and precise indication of the mast tilt angle allowing the operator to accurately align the forks with the load, first time, every-time.

It solves such a fundamental problem that the potential benefits are enormous:

Cost Savings

ForkAngles takes the guess work out Fork Lift operation. Constant micro adjustment can create wear on controls and hydraulic systems. ForkAngles helps to avoid expensive repairs by enabling the operator to set the correct tilt angle easily every time.

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Time Savings

ForkAngles offers a significant reduction in pallet handling times. The simple indication of tilt angle eliminates the need to micro adjust when approaching a load. ForkAngles is particularly beneficial when working with awkward loads and in racking systems.

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Safety Improvements

The FLTA reports: "Statistically, a person is killed every six weeks.” An incorrect tilt angle could endanger drivers and people working nearby. ForkAngles is a relatively inexpensive device that helps forklift operators to set consistently accurate and safe tilt angles.

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Environmental Impact

Most damage is caused to pallets when they are being moved, and most of this movement is performed by forklift trucks. Unlevel forks create large twisting and bending forces on pallets. ForkAngles can help enhance the working life of pallets and reduce waste.

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