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What is the driving force behind ForkAngles?
As a design engineer it is important to have a very inquisitive nature, and to ask why things are the way they are. From here we can start to consider how they could be made better, simpler, easier to use and more efficient.
Antony had observed how difficult colleagues had found learning to drive a fork-lift truck, in particular how the operators driving position makes it almost impossible to accurately judge the tilt angle of the mast, which is critical to safe operation. Antony decided to design the simplest, most accurate and reliable solution to this problem and this led to the invention of ForkAngles.
Research showed that Antony had actually solved a problem that has existed since fork-lift trucks were invented, and so the journey began to turn the idea into reality

Antony Cook’s professional experience:
Antony was part of a small team who were designing a new range of alternators for large stand-by generators. He worked his way up to become their design engineer, responsible for the European range of portable generators, which were built in a factory in Winsford, Cheshire. The company was bought out by a major US corporation, Briggs & Stratton, which expanded Antony’s responsibilities to any engine powered equipment for Europe, Middle East and Africa markets.
Antony worked on and managed many international projects including a range of lawnmowers built in Czech Republic, Portable generator ranges built in Holland and China and Home-stand-by generators built in US. Slowly the design element of Antony’s role moved abroad, and developed to a compliance engineering function, ensuring that all the products met the relevant European Directives. The department was closed in 2012.

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