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What is ForkAngles?

ForkAngles Usage Point of View Shot

ForkAngles is an innovative mast tilt indicator designed to be retro-fitted to Forklift Trucks. ForkAngles is mounted in the eye-line of the operator and gives a clear and precise indication of the mast tilt angle. Even novice operators will be able to accurately align the forks with the load, first time, every-time.
ForkAngles helps business to save time, save money, improve safety and lower their carbon footprint. 

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ForkAngles ensures a greater degree of accuracy which, in turn, saves wear and tear on equipment and pallets.


ForkAngles provides a visual aid that gives more confidence to the operator. This allows them to increase speed, accuracy and therefore productivity.


ForkAngles is a ‘line-of-sight’ indicator which can be viewed in peripheral vision. The improved accuracy allows for safer load handling and enables the operator to concentrate on their surrounding workplace.


ForkAngles increases accuracy and therefore decreases damage and subsequent waste.


What will ForkAngles do for me?

We carried out field trials to ascertain how ForkAngles affects the probability of achieving accurate fork alignment. The results are compelling…  

Increased Accuracy

ForkAngles dramatically increases the accuracy of forklift operation. This has been researched throughout extensive field trials. Samples have been fitted to counterbalance trucks in different types of company and environments since May 2013. See how this increased accuracy will realise benefits...


Without ForkAngles


With ForkAngles



  • “ForkAngles is a simple concept to assist the forklift driver, in getting the forks level, so as to minimise any potential damage that may be caused when picking up pallets”

    David Huxley / AM Operations Manager (S-O-T), DHL International /

  • “As a Fork Lift Truck instructor of approx. 20 years experience I have come across many ideas and systems to help operators work in a safe manner, but I have never come across a piece of equipment that can make such a difference to operator safety and product integrity as ForkAngles.”

    PHILIP SANDERSON / R.T.I.T.B. Registered Instructor, A.I.T.T. Registered Instructor /

  • “Why is it that the best ideas are nearly always the simplest! There have been many different methods over the years for trying to set the angle of forks, mostly electronic, expensive and complicated. ForkAngles is simple, easy to install and works. I also think it will be very useful when teaching novices. All in all, a very good idea, it will pay for itself the first time it prevents damage and is virtually maintenance free. Nice one.”

    Rob Dalton / Training Manager, Stan Robinsons (Stafford) Ltd /

  • “I have spoken to all our staff regarding the device, and have had a lot of positive feedback. The dedicated driver of this truck has also made many constructive comments. He has told me that he would not want to be without this aid as it makes his job a lot easier and there is less chance of damaging pallets where there is restricted vision. I would be more than pleased to fit ForkAngles to all our trucks in the future”

    Paul Manser / Fleet Engineer, R.G.Bassett & Sons Ltd /

  • “Thank you for allowing Churchill the opportunity to trial the ForkAngles attachment, we decided to allow a novice driver with only a few months experience who was struggling with the aspect of fork alignment to take part in the trial, after only a very short period he was transformed into a very confident driver, I have since had other drivers including our in house trainers trial ForkAngles, all of whom found it to be very useful.”

    Dave Cadman / Group Warehouse Manager, Churchill China /